Submission Guidelines

The integrity of this project will be preserved beginning with the submission guidelines.

1. Submissions must correctly and fully cite the work being summarized.
2. A link should be provided to either the URL of the article/abstract or the PubMed page for the article.
3. All submissions will undergo review for language used and, to some extent, accuracy.
4. Please only submit summaries within your respective field(s).
5. Anyone can submit summaries to this site. Submitters full name and email must be provided.
6. Submitter should also provide their title or affiliation (ex. professor, high school science teacher, etc.)
7. All Abstracts 2.0 will be open for comments with the ability to ask for clarification or revision due to inaccuracy.
8. Tell your friends.

Please refer to submissions already present on the site as examples for the style and format. If you have questions or comments, please feel free to contact.

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