How common is Primary Hyperparathyroidism (PHPT) in patients with low bone mass?

Misiorowski, W., & Zgliczynski, W. (2012). Prevalence of primary hyperthyroidism among patients with low bone mass. Advances in Medical Sciences, 57(2), 308-313. doi:10.2478/v10039-012-0062-2

Prevalence of primary hyperthyroidism among patients with low bone mass

The study was looking at a population of 4000 patients that were referred to a clinic in an Eastern European city for diagnosis of bone conditions related to their reporting of symptoms and complaints. The authors explored the merits of using bone density measurements to diagnose Primary Hyperparathyroidism (PHPT). They were able to describe the population in terms of bone density by choosing to only examine the patients who had the lowest bone densities for their ages. Once these patients were established they ran tests on their blood levels for parathyroid hormone and vitamin D levels. They established that 52 patients had PHPT and most of them were women. There were a small number of patients who had severe symptoms. Overall results show a large amount of PHPT with healthy patients and any time a patient presents with low bone mass more testing should be done to rule out other causes of symptoms and results.

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